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DVD - The Home Road, includes two bonus items and personalized thank you card

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The Home Road (2017)

In 1845, 19-year-old Israel Shevenell left his home in Canada and walked nearly 200 miles to Biddeford, Maine. He found work as a brick maker and is recognized as the city's first permanent French-Canadian settler and French voter. In 2015, his 74-year-old great-great-grandson, Ray Shevenell, retraced the pioneering journey, walking from Compton, Quebec to Biddeford. 

Tonya Shevenell shares their stories in her first documentary film. 

(75 minutes)

Order includes two bonus items and a personalized thank you card: 

1) Booklet - The Home Road: 10 Good Lessons Learned From The Journey

2) A Resource List - books, websites, places, documentary films, podcasts, etc. that were influential, inspirational, and/or helpful in The Making of The Home Road film. 

3) I'll send you a personalized photo thank you card with one of my favorite photos and moments from the trek. Your "extra" will help seed my next film project! Thank you!

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